Here at Finn Precision Engineering Ltd we produce a wide range of quality products for every possible requirement in the Agricultural Sector. This includes the manufacture of quality machined components used in abattoirs across both Ireland and the Britain. We provide an extensive and dedicated agri-machinery repair service for both static and mobile machinery operated by agricultural contractors, agricultural engineers, mechanics and manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

Agri food

Finn Precision Engineering Ltd. also produce high quality stainless steel and plastic components for every food manufacturing environment. Our corrosion free components are used with confidence across a wide range of food processing plants in both Ireland and Britain. Our highly skilled engineers are experts in the production of high accuracy, contact parts in a variety of finishes to ensure that food surfaces are free of indentations, grooves and pits. This ensures surfaces and associated components are safe for the processing of food products but also that those surfaces are easy to clean and sanitise. 

Architectural Metalwork

Here at Finn Precision Engineering Ltd. we have a long-established reputation for supplying high quality stainless steel components to a large number of fabrication companies across both Ireland and Britain. These components range from one-off special purpose products to large production runs of items such as glass brackets, bollard tops and handrail fittings.


Finn Precision Engineering Ltd. provides a wide range of quality machined parts to the mining and construction industries such as components for crushers, apron feeders, screeners and trommels.

OEM Machinery Attachments

Here at Finn Precision Engineering Ltd. we are experts in the production of OEM (Original Machinery Manufacturing) components and in particular the manufacture of excavator ‘Quickhitch’ components such as bushings, sideplates, calipers and locks. In fact our wide array of specialised precision milling and turning machinery means that we can fabricate virtually any metal or plastic component needed for every possible OEM requirement.


Finn Precision Engineering Ltd. also makes precision machined components, jigs and fixtures as well as special purpose tooling for a number of specialized plastic production companies. These companies in turn, produce plastic oil and water storage tanks, plastic bunkers, plastic sheeting, plastic signage as well as plastic septic tanks. Finn Precision Engineering Ltd. also provides a Breakdown and Repair service for these companies on a 24/7 basis.